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Fish Cleaning Station

We started the work on Monday  to build a new structure for cleaning fish, permanent location for our grill, and smoker which is on the way.Pictures that follow, more or less detail the 4 days that it took Steve and I to complete.  We decided initially to put some extra effort into detailing so as to keep a consistent standard with the rest of the lodge.  We were fortunate to have enough of the roofing material left over from the recent re-roof of the lodge to keep a consistent look.

 We will fish next week!

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Thanksgiving has come and gone.

Rainy season has come to an end with the passing of November. We hope that the thanksgiving holiday was a special one for all, while most of us were enjoying the holiday state side the crew of Propiedad de Paradise was making final preparations for our first full year in operation. On November 23rd the Top Cat our 33 foot World Cat Tournament Edition arrived in Golfiti , Costa Rica, we spent a wonderful day bringing her the 90 plus miles back to the Island. The Pacific ocean was calm and very clear as it is most of the time here in Central America, we trolled for a while and caught some nice dolphin. While trolling we spotted several Pacific Sail fish in the area, the trip was approximately 4 hours from Golfito to Isla Parida and we enjoyed every minute of it. Thursday November 25th Thanksgiving day we had a great meal with our good friends at Gone Fishing Panama what a great way to spend Thanksgiving with good friends great food and a great view of the Pacific Ocean. The next few weeks we will spend doing annual maintenance on the Lodge and completing some new projects such as building a new fish cleaning station. Please do not think that it has all been work the pictures below show the World Cat leaving sunny South Florida, some of the fish we caught and the progress on the fish cleaning station.

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Sometimes you just get lucky!

On Saturday August the 29 we had a fairly bad storm blow in from the east late in the afternoon.  This was the first time we had brought our supply & fuel barge to the island and had not tested the mooring.  We spent two hours on the beach making sure it was riding well and would not pull the mooring.  Everything fine, storm passed, and we left at dusk for the house.

Sunday morning, walked to the beach, looked out and no barge.  Not a great way to start the day!  Looked down from the overlook to find the Burro del Mar washed up on the rocky part of our beach.  A closer inspection reveled a lot of scraped off bottom paint, a few dents in the bottom and side, but no impact on the engines or props.

We waited till the tide began to rise (we have about a 16 foot normal tide), levered it around & off the rocks, and floated it to open water.  No leaks, no major damage, and this day was looking much better.  We think that one of the underwater lines just came untied.

Sometimes you just get lucky!


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Florida Sportfishing Magazine

Greetings all, I hope all is well, here is a link to a PDF file of the article in Florida Sport Fishing Magazine about Propiedad de Paradise. I went and purchased several copies of the magazine and I must say that the article looks much better in print. have a look but go out and purchase a copy of the magazine, the photos really come to life!! Once again thank you Steve Dougherty for your hard work. ( click on Propiedad de Paradise article under Magazine Cover)


Propiedad de Paradise Article

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Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing

Greetings all,  Panama for those who do not know is known for some great Yellow Fin Tuna fishing, the interesting thing is that the Tuna are best found underneath large schools of porpoise. Here in the US when you fish if you see a school of porpoise it usually means that the fishing in that area will be terrible and when we see this we usually spend a lot of fuel money to run away from them. The first time that I saw a school of porpoise in Panama I figured our Captain would turn and run away from them, instead he had the first mate set out four live bonito, which we had caught earlier and placed in tuna tubes  and we trolled through them. I have seen schools of porpoise  before here in the US but never like this they were as far as the eye could see and it looked like you could walk across them, as we trolled through the school we were  drawn to the playfulness and beauty of these mammals it was then that  the lines began to buzz like crazy rods bent in half Tuna Time. That day we caught a 267lb, 237lb and a 185lb Tuna on stand up gear if you have never experienced the fight of a large tuna on stand up gear once you do you will greatly appreciate the mass and strength of these fish. The video below shows how much fun it is to catch tuna on stand up gear, enjoy the video.

Until next time wishing you Tight Lines!!

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Marlin Fishing in Panama

Greetings all, The Propiedad Fishing crew is back in the USA.  We have finally finished editing the video of the marlin we caught in July. (Thanks for the great footage from Ed Torres)  July is not known for great Marlin fishing in Panama, but don’t tell our anglers who hooked up with a 400lb monster off Isla Montuosa, and spotted several more in the area. This was day two for Bart Saunders, Edward Torres, Phil Kroyman and Allen Savage with  Captain Ben Espinoza, and our friend Captain  Killi “Manjaro” on loan from our good friend  Captain Jay Gustin owner of PescaPanama.   The day was clear and very warm and after catching bait,  they headed towards Isla Montuosa with great results, hooking up some  large  Wahoo and  Dorado . In the video you will see Captain Killi serve up a live bait in search of more tuna, and as luck would have it the live bait made it past the layer of frenzied Tuna and found its way to the waiting mouth of a Blue Marlin weighing in at approximately 400lbs.  Enjoy the video!!

(Propiedad de Paradise takes pride in supporting the bill-fish population as you will see at the end of the Video.)


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Completed Pictures of Lodge

Greetings, now that you know how Propiedad de Paradise came about it only makes sense to show you a few pictures  of  the lodge now that it is finished. Most of these photos were taken during our last trip as you can see in some of them we spent a lot of hours preparing the lodge for clients, Bruce and Capt Ben Espinoza traded in their fishing poles for paint brushes, they painted and re-varnished the whole guest house. Capt Shane Jarvis and his trusty  side kicks Billo and Bernabe put the final touches on the outside of the lodge and the Rancho (beach house) for the arrival of our guests. I was busy taking care of house keeping duties to prepare for thier arrival, a practice that I would prefer that my wife would not know about. Two weeks later the lodge was ready for our first guests Bart Suanders, Allen Savage, Edward Torres and Phil Kroyman. Capt Ben Espinoza will post a fishing report showing you the success they had on there trip as well as the week we spent with our friend Steve Dougherty, until than wishing you tight lines wherever you are fishing.

Capt. Cecil Broderick

Hello world,

My name is Cecil Broderick and the purpose of this blog is to keep avid fishermen and those with a sense of adventure informed about the goings on at Propiedad de Paradise owned and operated by my friends and partners Bruce Jarvis and Nancy Reagan.   Before I can tell you what has been going on at the lodge I must fill you in on some of the background that brought us to this beautiful Island called Isla Parida and the lodge we now call Propiedad de Paradise. Approximately six years ago Nancy Reagan was in Panama with her sister doing some exploring of the mountainous region near and around Boquete looking for property to purchase and build a retirement home for herself and Bruce (boy are we way off course from that original idea) they walked into one of the many coffee shops, as Boquete is the main coffee region in Panama and met the owners of the cafe  Dexter and his wife. Nancy asked them if they new of any property for sale that she and her husband could build a retirement home on, Dexter who was building a home on an island for a friend offered to take them out to see the island and the other available properties on it, Nancy fell in love with the island and chose a beautiful spot overlooking the pacific ocean and all of its glory. Construction began a year or so later on the property and a beautiful compound consisting of a main house and a guest house with decking in front of both houses all built from native woods and other local materials powered by solar power and a generator, the perfect retirement home. (not so fast)

In July of 2008 now that the house was  complete Bruce, Nancy, my wife Cindy and I, as well as eleven other friends ventured to Panama to see this amazing home that Bruce and Nancy had built, about three days into our trip is when the formal idea of a fishing lodge began to take shape over a large bottle of rum on the front deck overlooking the ocean and the rest is a little bit fuzzy– but I think that is where Propiedad de Paradise Fishing Lodge was born. The next year would see the plan go into effect with the building of a supply barge and obtaining all the needed  equipment and paper work to open as a fishing lodge in Panama.

Welcome to Propiedad de Paradise, ground zero for Panama big game fishing and tuna fishing charters. This exotic sport fishing lodge is located off the northern coast of Panama on Isla Parida. Situated in the heart of the Chiriquí Marine Sanctuary and approximately 12-miles offshore from the second largest city in Panama. With its prime location just offshore of the rugged Pacific coastline, Propiedad de Paradise is situated near unique bottom contours and currents that provide the perfect arena for highly prized big game fish and tuna to flourish.

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Panama’s First Offshore Fishing Lodge Opens

For over 4 years, we have been building a fishing lodge off thePanama June_July 09-200729
coast of Panama for friends and family.  This July, friends descended on our little place of Paradise to fish, eat copious amounts of tuna, wahoo, and smoked fish.  This inaugural fishing trip will start the lodge availability for the best fishing in the world.  The action never ceases as you will see from future photos and fishing reports.